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What you'll learn at the Rock Vocal Academy

Erase vocal breaks

Learn easy ways to get rid of your vocal break. You know how to do it, all you need to do is unlock it.

Build up stamina

Learn how you can sing for hours and hours without straining your voice and sounding great till the end.

Increase your range

Unlocking your voice isn't as hard as you might think. You'll be amazed at what your voice can already do.

Sing your songs

Singing is no fun without practical application. You'll get to sing songs you like in no time.

Learn to practice

Establishing a proper approach to practicing is essential in building a strong and lasting voice.

Sing with power

You'll learn how to use your voice to create projection and power without straining or having tension in your throat.

Learn proper control

Controlling your voice is the most vital part of singing training. There's tons of exercises that'll benefit you.

Add vocal effects

Singing isn't singing without adding some vocal effects to your vocals to give them more depth, detail and shine.

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Here's what they say...

I was stuck with my vocal abilities when I decided to take some lessons by a rock vocal coach. I just googled rock vocal coach in London and basically he was the first who came up. To be honest, I didn't have to look for another coach after that. Technically, I just needed a few lessons to take my voice to the next level...well...without him I wouldn't be able to do the things I can do now. He basically opened/showed me a way to a completely different singing technique that helped me with A LOT of things. Reaching high notes, better support... the list could go on and on. How I like to describe it is that he made a 'click' in my voice and since then my way of singing has completey changed for the better. It's like I discovered my voice again through his technique... and still discovering. I just can't believe what I can do now with my voice, which I'll always gonna be grateful for. Thanks Tim!

Tim has helped me immensely throughout my journey as a vocalist. Thanks to him, I reached notes I've never reached before and was able to explore different areas of my voice that I wasn't familiar with! Totally recommend him!!
Tim is a fantastic teacher; making you feel comfortable from the moment the lessons start and keeping the hour engaging and entertaining. He has a very relaxed and accessible teaching style; and is talented in helping to visualize the physical and mental techniques needed to improve. Since starting my lessons with Tim my voice has developed significantly; I have an increased vocal range and more confidence in my singing ability.
The first lesson I had with Tim helped me realize my vocal potential almost immediately. I was surprised at how much my range could be increased within within the first couple of lessons and how I could sing with more ease. What makes Tim different than most teachers is that he understands how to teach various styles of music which was important for me since my background was Indian music. The personal and supportive attention that he is able to offer his students helps him serve a wide range of individual vocal approaches. Tim is very astute and has an intuitive way in which he handles his students that makes them immediately feel comfortable. His methodical and insightful approach personalizes each lesson and offers singers a program to develop life-lasting techniques that are very useful for optimal vocal performance. This coupled with his knowledge of how the voice organs work physically and biologically, puts him ahead of many other teachers I have worked with.

Tim is an outstanding, professional and well experienced singer/musician. When I first started with him I was a sad case, limited range and vocal techniqe. But after each lesson with him and good practice at home I started seeing more and more results. Expanded my vocal range at least an octave, my control over my voice was becoming better and my technique was improving. What I loved about the sessions with Tim is that he's not one of those teachers who just waste your time explaining you how to do something, but he first makes it straight and obvious for you and after that shows you how it's done. No excuses whatsoever, the way it should be

I was looking for a teacher who could understand the specifics of rock singing, and Tim is the perfect match. His own voice is incredible, which could be daunting, but he is so patient and supportive that you can only feel comfortable around him. He immediately heard what was wrong with my voice and has been relentless in trying to fix it. I have felt myself improving constantly since I started studying with him. As an added bonus, he is a great guy with a great sense of humour, so every lesson is a blast that I am always looking forward to.

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